Hello! I'm Michał Sadowski

Stockholm-based web developer with background in design.

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Since 2021 I've been working as a consultant within web development for major Swedish companies, helping with their technological challenges. As such I had the opportunity to work with difficult engineering challenges and cutting edge technologies.

Atlas Copco 2022

Atlas Copco has been undergoing a transformation for their integrated system from a GWT-based solution to a modern, React-based fronted, within which I was tasked with creating a webpack-oriented automation environment. It offered unique challenges coming with memory limitations and a need for interoperability with a codebase spanning over a decade of code.

Telenor 2022

I have been helping Telenor Sweden with the day-to-day operations of their customer-facing website. I have been tasked with maintaining and expanding Vue components, with a big focus on modularization through proper utilization of Vuex. I have also helped out with a gradual transformation towards using federated microservice frontend and Contentful CMS.

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Selected Web Developement Projects

Since 2014 I've been building web projects for creative agencies, either as a developer or designer. I prefer using Vue.js or React; a mix of BEM and Atomic CSS systems; Node.js or serverless functions for the backend; but I can find my way around PHP or Ruby on Rails if needed.

CSS System 2019 — 2021

How often have I had to copy-paste the same declarations into new projects? I can't remember. So, instead, I decided to create a neat, minimal, plug-and-play, highly customizable, no-bullshit-allowed CSS system as my bootstrap for all future projects (like this one).

I'm not great at remembering names and details, so I created a proper living documentation that lives within the CSS files as markdown-like comments that afterwards are rendered as a visual guide with both code and usage examples.

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Nordic Asia 2020 — 2021

Project for building a website for an investment fund that I joined (and soon after took the reins of) after the first version was released. Based on Dato CMS and Gatsby (React).

I was tasked with gradually extending, rebuilding and maintaining the site, with CSS/HTML refactoring taking a big part, as the first version got released as a rushed MVP.

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Jobylon 2018 — 2020

A landing site for a hiring company, built with Apostrophe CMS. I have created its front- and back-end, and designed and implemented SVG animations. The project also involved building a custom solution for transferring data from Tilda CMS forms to the client's custom API.

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Ongeo 2016 — 2018

My first big assignment, knockout.js and leaflet-based real estate app. Two years of building a solution for real estate advertisement and geospatial analysis. I designed the UI and UX, and implemented the front end — from JSP templating to CSS and JS.

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Other web projects I worked on

Graphic design

I finished studies in visual communication and worked for 4 years as a graphic designer, both for print and digital. I'm passionate about design, seeking clean, simple solutions, rooted in the traditions of the Swiss style.



Work experience

2023Pley – front-end developer
2021 — 2023Devies – JavaScript consultant
2018 — 2021This Is Deploy – front-end developer and consultant
2014 — 2018SmallGIS – graphic designer and front-end developer
2013 — 2014Saski – CNC designer and operator


2011 — 2014Koszalin University of Technology – BD in industrial design with a specialisation in visual communication, finished with distinction
2013Saimaa University of Applied Sciences – Erasmus in Fine Arts

Stuff I know


  • Vue.js, especially with Nuxt.js
  • React.js
  • Gatsby
  • Redux/Vuex
  • d3.js
  • Knockout.js
  • jQuery, if needed
  • Webpack
  • Vanilla JS, naturally


  • Node.js with Express
  • PHP, if forced to
  • Basics of JSP, Haml, C#
  • MongoDB
  • Serverless for lambda/netlify


  • WordPress
  • DatoCMS
  • NetlifyCMS
  • ApostropheCMS
  • Contentful
  • Nuxt Content :)


  • Git
  • Subversion
  • Netlify
  • Heroku
  • Basic dev-ops on AWS


  • English — Proficient
  • Swedish — Intermediate
  • Polish — Native


If you want to contact me, please drop me an email at: saski.michal.sadowski@gmail.com