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Człowiek i przestrzeń

A custom-built registration form for trainings

It's my first project that I have built almost completely from the ground up, from the mongodb database, through back end using Express and front-end using vue.js, to its branding.

Lots of data? Not a problem.

With proper modularization of inputs, creating a scaleable registration form is not a problem.

POWER page

Tests before...

Random-questions knowledge tests allow for easy allocation of people to groups by knowledge levels...

POWER test

...and tests after the training

...and fixed-questions knowledge tests allow for easy assesment of improvements.

POWER test after

Ease of use for administrators

Secure administrative tools allow for easy access to most important data and functions, like changing terms and places of trainings for trainees or exporting all data from the database to a .csv file. Every administrator loves reading their data in Excel.

POWER administrative tools

Visual identity and printed materials

Printed materials for POWER
Printed materials for POWER